A gay marriage bill was introduced Thursday in Delaware.

Governor Jack Markell, Attorney General Beau Biden, House Speaker Pete Schwartzkopf and Rep. George Smith were among the supporters on hand at a press conference to introduce the measure.

“To deny them this opportunity is to deny them what is, perhaps, the most basic of the inalienable rights that we as Americans cherish, the pursuit of happiness,” Markell told the crowd.

“I'm proud to join you in making sure that Delaware knows that the Delaware Department of Justice is committed to correcting this injustice,” Biden said.

Schwartzkopft said that the measure will receive a committee hearing in the House next Wednesday and that it had already attracted 23 co-sponsors.

Smith, the bill's champion in the House, stated the measure would protect a church's right to decide who they will marry.

In an interview with Reuters, Markell, a Democrat, said that while he was confident the bill would pass the Democrat-controlled House and Senate, “nothing is sure until it's done.”

Markell signed a civil unions bill into law in 2011.

Other states considering legalizing marriage for gay couples include Illinois, Minnesota and Rhode Island. Other states, including Nevada, Oregon and Ohio, are considering measures which would repeal constitutional amendments excluding gay couples from marriage.