Illinois Governor Pat Quinn, a Democrat, on Monday told reporters that a gay marriage bill is “very close” to passage in the state House.

The bill, which seeks to make Illinois the 10th state to legalize such unions, awaits a vote in the House after passage in the Senate.

Passage in the House requires 60 votes. Quinn did not announce a vote count, but he said “we're going to get it done.” He added that he's reached out to legislators to support the measure.

Lawmakers returned to Springfield on Monday after a two-week break.

On Sunday, Rep. Ed Sullivan Jr. became the second Republican after Rep. Ron Sandack to endorse the measure.

Sullivan, who previously opposed civil unions, told the Chicago Tribune that his mother-in-law is gay.

“The first reaction from people might be, 'Well he might be voting for that just because of his mother-in-law,'” Sullivan said. “The reality is, because my mother-in-law is gay, I have more of an understanding and familiarity with same-sex couples.”