Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), has encouraged groups to take a “harder line in focusing more on homosexuality.”

Brown made his comments last month during a conference call organized by Tea Party Unity.

When asked why NOM, the nation's most vociferous opponent of gay marriage, is not taking “a hard stance” against gay relationships, Brown said “different groups need to do different things.”

“It's concerning to a lot of people that the arguments being used in the various court cases concede that homosexual relationships are legitimate and not a perversion or what have you, we just don't like them,” said Brian Camenker of MassResistance. “And we wonder if there was more of a hard stance that they are not legitimate, that it is perverse, unnatural and what have you, that we might have some better success in some of the cases.”

“Whenever I'm asked about what I think about homosexuality, I'm very clear, as a Catholic I believe in the traditional teaching of our church,” Brown answered. “I think that sex is reserved for marriage, period. As far as the legal arguments go we may differ. I think a lot of the legal arguments have been made in the Prop 8 case especially have been made to speak to [Justice] Kennedy and Kennedy has already found in the Lawrence case, for example, that states can't ban sodomy. So it's not likely that a stronger argument about homosexuality is really going to shift Kennedy.”

“I know some people think we need to focus more on homosexuality. All I'll say is that when asked I state what I believe and many of the religious supporters that we'll have at the march clearly will stand up and proclaim biblical truth on marriage. But I'm not sure whether legally that is the best strategy. Also, different groups need to do different things, not all groups have to do the same thing. So folks that are taking a harder line in focusing more on homosexuality, there need to be different groups doing different things.”