The Christian conservative Family Research Council (FRC) asked pastors to pray against gay marriage during Holy Week.

The group called on pastors to take a “Stand for Marriage.”

“When the U.S. Supreme Court hears oral arguments on March 26-27, the definition of marriage, the well-being of children, and our religious freedom will hang in the balance. Consequently, I urge you to join with other Watchmen Pastors in promoting a 'Stand for Marriage' emphasis either this Sunday or next,” the group wrote.

“Now I fully realize that by doing so you may be taking time from your sermon series or special emphasis in the lead-up to Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday. So I know this is a sacrifice ...”

“Marriage redefinition could be forced upon all Americans as the law of the land, regardless of how people voted to define marriage policy in their own states. Those who seek to redefine marriage claim that they have the overwhelming support of most Americans. We need to show them otherwise.”

Ross Murray, director of News and Faith Initiatives at GLAAD, condemned the campaign in a blog post, saying that Christians “should be up in arms that the sacredness of Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday are being replaced with a message that attempts to keep all of God's children away from the legal protections afforded to them.”