TIME magazine on Thursday revealed that their April 8 covers will feature a gay and a lesbian couple sharing a kiss.

Under the black and white photos, the headline in bright yellow: “Gay Marriage Already Won.”

In an appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe, TIME Magazine Editor Rick Stengel described the accompanying cover story by David von Drehle: “No matter what the Supreme Court does, the idea of gay marriage has insinuated itself and socialized itself into American life in such a way, particularly among young people, that it is inevitable that same-sex marriage becomes something that is universal in our society. And the court, I think, would be smart to recognize that. They may not, they tend to try to focus on the narrow issues. But it's an interesting story about how what's happened in the culture, in law, in business. Eighty percent of Americans feel like it's going to happen.”

In fact, TIME has already posted the story online. You can read it here.