Alaska Senator Mark Begich on Monday came out in support of gay marriage, making him the third Senate Democrat to come out for the institution in recent days.

“I believe that same sex couples should be able to marry and should have the same rights, privileges and responsibilities as any other married couple,” Begich said in a statement given to

“Government should keep out of individuals' personal lives – if someone wants to marry someone they love, they should be able to. Alaskans are fed up with government intrusion into our private lives, our daily business, and in the way we manage our resources and economy.”

Begich has previously not taken a public position on the issue.

He follows close on the heels of two Senate Democrats who this week announced their support: Senators Mark Warner of Virginia and Claire McCaskill of Missouri. Republican Senator Rob Portman earlier this month reversed course on the issue, making him the only GOP senator to buck the party's official stance.

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