In an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail, Canadian actor Luke MacFarlane has admitted he is gay. Luke plays Scotty on the hit ABC primetime drama Brothers & Sisters.

In the interview, posted today on The Globe and Mail website, the Juilliard schooled actor said of his coming out, “I don't know what will happen professionally...that is the fear, but I guess I can't really be concerned about what will happen, because it's my truth.”

MacFarlane currently plays the recurring role of Scotty Wandell on ABC's Brothers & Sisters. Scotty was originally conceived as a romantic interest to one of the brothers, Kevin Walker. The relationship soured as Scotty felt Kevin was disrespectful. After the couple separated, Kevin pursued other interests and the pair became friends.

As Kevin entered and exited other relationships during the second season of the show, his affections for Scotty continued to grow. It now appears that in the season finale set to air in May Scotty and Kevin are to wed.

The 28 year old actor refused to answer any questions regarding his own personal romantic status.