Steve Kornacki has been named the new host of MSNBC's weekend roundtable show Up, making him the network's third openly gay host.

Kornacki replaces Chris Hayes, who is leaving the show for primetime.

“We want to try to work with the template they've created,” Kornacki told The Hollywood Reporter. “Obviously, I'm not Chris, Chris isn't me. I can't be a carbon copy of him. If I tried to be, I'd fail, the show would fail. They'll be some differences, but they'll sort of evolve.”

Kornacki, also the senior political writer for, came out publicly two years ago, writing at that he feared coming out to friends.

“In a way, I can't even explain why I kept this part of myself private for so long. But whenever I would contemplate a change, I would think back to my youth, and the fathers, teachers and coaches who had been my adult role models, all of them old-fashioned family men. How could I possibly be so different?” he wrote.

Much fanfare surrounded the 2008 debut of The Rachel Maddow Show, whose host, Rachel Maddow, was first openly gay anchor of a major primetime news program. Thomas Roberts, who married his partner last year, is an MSNBC weekday morning host.