Sandy Rios of the Christian conservative American Family Association (AFA) says people should not be surprised that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton backs gay marriage, after all she might be a lesbian.

In a 6-minute video for HRC's Americans for Marriage Equality campaign released on Monday, Clinton announced that her stance on the issue had changed.

“I support marriage for lesbian and gay couples,” Clinton said. “I support it personally and as a matter of policy and law.”

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“If you think that her support of lesbian and gay rights is something new, I'm sorry, she has repackaged herself so successfully but if you just do a little research on Hillary Clinton, you know that her love of homosexuality goes back a very long way,” Rios said on AFA radio.

“Hillary Clinton, there have long been rumors about her sexual persuasion; if you don't know that you need to know that. I can't confirm or deny anything; I just remember that Dick Morris was the first one to raise this publicly. He worked with Bill and Hillary Clinton for a number of years and he said on public television, I was shocked because I knew about the rumors, he actually alleged that Hillary was a – he was trying to make excuses for Bill Clinton when he was caught with Monica Lewinsky. And he … basically hinted that Hillary was a lesbian.”

“All I can tell you there are rumors abound and I guess since it doesn't matter anymore then it doesn't matter anymore, does it? So if you think this is like a seismic shift for Hillary Clinton, I can guarantee you this is not a seismic shift. She has always, as far as I know back to college, endorsed and embraced all things lesbian and gay. That is her history on this so that shouldn't be too shocking. She has played the role of wife and cookie-making mother, I'm sorry but this is just the reality of things. We are being caught in this vortex of homosexual advocacy, it's just amazing.”