Fallon Fox, the first mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter to come out transgender, has said she has received death threats since coming out.

Questions about her gender from a reporter prompted Fox, 37, to come out transgender earlier this month.

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In an appearance on CBC Radio's Q, Fox described her transition as something she wished she could have kept private.

“I just felt it was my personal business to keep my transgender history a secret,” Fox said. “Not to mention it was my medical history that I just didn't want revealed to the public. I think there's a lot of painful memories I have associated with my transgender past, which I just felt I just did not want to reveal to the public.”

“The person who wanted to reveal me I just felt had no respect for my privacy whatsoever,” she added.

Fox said that most reaction has been positive but added that some has been negative.

“I've received a lot more positive than negative. The negative responses have been … there have been a lot of haters out there talking, just spitting a lot of hatred. I've gotten a few death threats. Some people saying that they want to beat me up. And good luck to those people,” she said with a laugh.