Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker on Sunday admitted that for young Republicans gay marriage is no longer an issue.

Walker was asked his thoughts on Ohio Senator Rob Portman's reversal on the issue during an appearance on NBC's Meet The Press.

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“Well, I think the senator's announcement made the topic timely, but in our state, I mean, it was in the constitution years ago. They made a similar change in Ohio,” Walker answered, referring to Ohio's 2004 constitutional amendment limiting marriage to heterosexual unions.

“It didn't come up in my 2010 election or 2012,” he added.

“Are younger conservatives more apt to see marriage equality as something that is, you know, what they believe?” host David Gregory asked. “That is, basic rather than as a disqualifying issue?”

“I think there's no doubt about that. But I think that's all the more reason [why] when I talk about things, I talk about the economic and fiscal crises in our state and in our country. That's what people want to resonate about. They don't want to get focused on those issues.”