A lesbian mother lost her children after a Michigan judge ruled her adoption “fiction.”

Marie Wolfe conceived twins through the use of a sperm donor with her partner of four years, Becky (not her real name). Becky carried the children, a boy and a girl.

When the babies were 3 months old, Becky absolved her parental rights and the women jointly adopted the children.

The judge in the case and an adoption agency helped in making the dream come true. The resulting state-issued adoption certificate and new birth certificate included both of their names.

“When I had the adoption certificate in my hand and I realized it was official, it was legal, nothing was ever going to come between the children and I, I just felt like, 'I'm going to have the privilege of raising these two children for the rest of my life,'” Marie told CNN Radio.

But one day about 9 months later, while preparing dinner, Marie said she got a call from Becky who told her she was leaving her and taking the kids.

Judge Richard Garcia awarded Becky full custody of the children, ruling that the adoption was not valid.

“What this really is what we call a fiction under the law,” Garcia said. “There was an attempt to create law where none exists. In Michigan, marriage is defined as between a man and a woman. Some activist judges, quite frankly, decide they don't like the law the way it is so they come up with a ruse to get around that situation.”

Marie wound up with a huge legal bill, more than $60,000 for Becky's legal fees alone.

“I paid for the privilege of taking my children from me,” Marie said. “And was not recognized as a parent at all.”

The last time Marie saw her children was more than seven years ago.

She said she's watching as another lesbian couple challenge Michigan's marriage law, adding that while it's too late for her she hopes a change in the law could help other gay couples.

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