After 10 years, Showtime's The L Word franchise, which morphed from a scripted drama into a reality series, The Real L Word, for 3 seasons, will become a documentary that looks at lesbian culture outside Los Angeles and New York City.

Creator Ilene Chaiken told The Hollywood Reporter that the documentary will be “grittier.”

“It's going to be quite different in tone and ambition,” Chaiken said. “I have been feeling this for a while and [producers] Magical Elves and Showtime felt compelled to look in this direction. It's going to be different in that it's going to be grittier, less glamorous and a story about different facets of gayness. We all know, especially those of us who are gay, that there are challenges and hardships and that there are a lot of places in the world in this country where it isn't easy to be a lesbian or to be gay. That part of the story gets touched upon in The L Word and in three seasons of The Real L Word in Los Angeles and New York but we're really going to look at what that is and explore it now in a more unvarnished way.”

Chaiken said there may be a “single documentary” or a two-part feature.

“In this documentary process, you don't know what the story is going to do until you start telling it,” she said.