In the second part of a two-part Necessary Roughness season finale, New York Hawks star quarterback Rex Evans comes out gay to his teammates and fans.

Travis Smith's character began soul searching in last week's episode. On the season's final episode to be broadcast Wednesday, producers say he'll complete his journey.

Speaking with male gay entertainment website, Smith said he modeled his character after old southern guys he knew who were gay.

“Growing up in the South, I kind of knew these guys,” Smith said. “I mean, I had a couple of friends that were tough. You know, old southern boys. They enjoyed their guns. They enjoyed their bikes. They enjoyed playing sports, and they were gay and they had to hide that from most of the people we grew up around. So I knew those guys. I mean, these guys to me, they existed. So for me it was just a matter of coming in and trying to stay true to those friends of mine that I grew up with who were very much like Rex. I mean, great athletes, good old boys who happened to be gay. It was pretty easy to step into it, and the writing was phenomenal so it made it much easier.”

A clip from Wednesday's episode is embedded on this page.