Queer Eye alum Carson Kressley has applauded President Barack Obama's gay rights mention during his State of the Union address with two snaps in a z formation.

Appearing on cabler Current's Say Anything, host Joy Behar asked Kressley his opinion on the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) ending its ban on openly gay scouts and leaders.

“Right. Next they'll let gays in the military, Joy!” Kressley joked. “This is ridiculous.”

“Well, let's think. They wear kerchiefs, little hats and sashes. I think the gays have already been there.”

On a serious note, he stated: “I hope the Boy Scouts can follow the lead of the United States military and allow the gays.”

Kressley also weighed in on Obama's gay rights mention.

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“I've got to give the president two snaps in a z formation,” Kressley said. “It's a great thing for any group that has been disenfranchised to be named in any of those speeches. And when he gave his inaugural address, you know, he mentioned the Stonewall movement. And no other president has really done that, and included that group. So, I think as our society becomes more inclusive and as social norms change it's appropriate.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)