Denver Nuggets power forward Kenneth Faried is the first NBA player to join Athlete Ally, the non-profit fighting homophobic speech in sports.

“Becoming an Athlete Ally gives me the opportunity to spread a message of inclusiveness throughout the NBA and our country,” Faried said in a statement.

“I have two moms and I love them both very much. I respect, honor and support them in every way. The bond I have with them has made me realize that I want all members of the LGBT community – whether they are parents, players, coaches or fans – to feel welcome in the NBA and in all our communities.”

Last month, Faried, 23, joined his two moms in a video urging passage of a civil unions bill in Colorado.

“Kenneth's advocacy for marriage equality was game changing and his work to transform the culture of sports as an Athlete Ally will also make a huge difference,” Brian Ellner, who serves on the Athlete Ally Board of Directors, said in a statement. “Today, Kenneth sends a loud message to young people around the world that you can be who you are and compete at any level.”

Hudson Taylor, an openly straight Columbia University assistant wrestling coach, started Athlete Ally in 2011.