Singer Cyndi Lauper responded that she lives among her people when asked how she got involved in the gay community.

“Did the gay community find you or did you find the gay community?” Lauper was asked on Huff Post Live.

“I'm friend and family,” Lauper answered. “So, I have always been … I live among my people. I've always liked the integrated life; I come from New York. My sister is part of the community, and I have friends that are part of the community. … And then one of my friends, she said, 'You should be a gay icon.' So, then I did it, and then I realized that, you know, I started to see discrepancies and things that weren't right. And I didn't just want to shut my mouth, because I don't believe in that.”

Lauper, 59, who is currently promoting her new reality series Still So Unusual, is a leading advocate for homeless LGBT teens. Her True Colors Residence in New York City is the state's first permanent housing facility aimed at helping LGBT Youth.