A public memorial for gay porn star Arpad Miklos, real name Peter Kozma, is planned for Sunday in New York City.

Miklos was found dead in his apartment last week. He was 45.

“He passed away sometime on Sunday,” writer Randal Lynch said on Gwissues. “He had, unfortunately, committed suicide.”

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Sunday's service will take place at G Lounge, where Miklos hosted a weekly DILF (Dads I'd Like To Fuck) party.

Details on the event were posted on Facebook by Lynch.

“Please come and celebrate the life of porn actor, legend and sexy man Arapad Miklos at G Lounge this Sunday from 5-8pm,” Lynch wrote.

“Many people loved him, many people watched him, many people got off with him ;).”

“Now is the chance to pay homage to the man BEHIND the legend, the sweet and lovable person inside the big muscle daddy exterior.”

In lieu of flowers, people are being asked to donate to charities Miklos loved, including the ASPCA, the National Park Service and the Gay Men's Health Center.