The National Organization for Marriage's (NOM) Thomas Peters has criticized supermodel Kathy Ireland for supporting gay marriage while opposing abortion.

“@AmericanPapist We need the support of everyone in the life movement,” Ireland tweeted Peters, who goes by the username AmericanPapist. “Frankly, I'd like government out of marriages, including mine, thanks.”

“@KathyIreland with respect, have you ever examined the overwhelming data showing that being married supports women making #prolife choices?”

“@AmericanPapist Having a loving Mom and Dad is wonderful. Many children do not have that opportunity, yet still have wonderful lives.”

“@KathyIreland that's absolutely right. but gay marriage cements and enforces the idea that children have no right to both their mom & dad.”

“@AmericanPapist This isn't a gay or straight issue. 'Cements'? 'Enforces'? The unborn have a right to life. That's my agenda. What's yours?”

“@KathyIreland we have the same agenda! & 1 of the (many) ways to PRACTICALLY support #prolife decisions is to promote the marriage culture.”

In 2010, Ireland reached out to bullied LGBT teens in an It Gets Better video.