Oklahoma Pastor James Taylor suggests refrigeration would make homosexuality moral.

Appearing on the radio show of Peter LaBarbera, president of the Illinois-based Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, Taylor, a pastor at University Church in Norman, Oklahoma, pointed out why the Old Testament's prohibition on eating certain foods can be ignored, while homosexuality cannot. Both are categorized as “abominations” in Leviticus.

LaBarbera asked Taylor to comment on a pamphlet from the Church of the Open Arms which notes that “these verses are part of a law code listing things that are forbidden. However, according to Leviticus it is also sinful to eat pork, shrimp, clams or oysters. These texts cannot be used to condemn homosexual behavior unless one is prepared to condemn all these behaviors.”

“There's a couple problems with that,” Taylor said. “Some things are cultural and there are also some things that have happened now in terms of refrigeration and health concerns and those are some of those things that are there. But the reality is it doesn't change the fact that God has said a man shall not lie with a male like a woman and vice versa and he uses the word abomination, which is the strongest word in the Bible for hate that you can come across. So that's the problem, they want to pick and choose what they want to have and then to dismiss it as this isn't what the Bible says, it's foolishness.”