ABC has heightened a lesbian relationship to their upcoming version of the drama Mistresses, which is based on the British series of the same name.

According to lesbian entertainment blog, Jes Macallan plays Josslyn, a fashionable real estate agent. In the pilot episode, Josslyn meets a lesbian couple looking to purchase a home. By episode five, Josslyn and Alex (played by Shannyn Sossamon) are deep into a romance.

Mistresses, which centers on the lives of four women and their complex romantic relationships, also stars Alyssa Milano (Charmed, Who's the Boss?), Rochelle Aytes (White Chicks, Madea's Family Reunion), and Yunjim Kim (Lost).

The relationship was part of the original show, but only lasted 5 episodes. The U.S. version will explore the affair over the course of the entire first season.

Executive producer Rina Mimoun said Josslyn and Alex first become quick friends.

“I love this storyline because it really did sort of evolve,” said Mimoun. “The first thing that came out was this was a girl who – these are her sister's friends. She [Josslyn] sort of got lucky and was born into this group of great girl friends. But truth be told, she herself has not really made a girl friend. So when she first meets Alex, it starts as just that. Alex happens to be a lesbian but they fall in love sort of because it's a friendship that blossoms into that and for Josslyn's character it's unintentional, she just happens to be a lesbian.”

Mistresses premieres in May.