Actress Jodie Foster's possible coming out speech has inspired teens to offer their own coming out riddles, farcical The Onion reported.

In accepting her Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the Golden Globes on Sunday night, Foster, 50, delivered a rambling speech in which she repeatedly used the phrase “coming out” but didn't actually say she is gay.

“Jodie Foster is being hailed as a possibly gay icon after kind of coming out during a speech at the Golden Globe Awards,” The Onion reported. “The actress has become a role model to LGBT youth who are taking her lead by also giving moving but confusing coming out speeches to their friends and family.”

A young man in a YouTube clip is seen saying: “I have to be honest and say something that's been on my mind. And you already know it, so there it is.”

Foster's speech has also given rise to an awareness project for young people titled We are all single, just kidding, but seriously, I am together, in this room, the news satire organization reported.

(Watch the news segment at The Onion.)