Hundreds of thousands of people are gathering in Paris on Sunday to oppose the French government's plans to legalize gay marriage.

The Socialist government of Francois Hollande in November sent a proposed plan to legalize marriage and adoption for gay couples to lawmakers for debate. The National Assembly is expected to start examining the legislation later this month, and a vote could come by mid-2013.

Starting from three different points in the city, the demonstrators will converge at the Eiffel Tower in what is expected to be largest demonstration in the city in a decade.

Police are expecting about 300,000 to take part in the “Demo for All,” a take-off on the government's plans to introduce “marriage for all.”

The protest's leader, comedian Frigide Barjot, told France24 that opposing such unions is not anti-gay but pro-family.

“We're all born of a man and a woman, but the law will say the opposite tomorrow,” Barjot is quoted by Reuters as telling reporters. “It will say a child is born of a man and a man.”