Actor Andrew Rannells has described himself as a “gold-star gay.”

The Tony-nominated Rannells is best known for playing Elder Price in the 2011 Broadway musical The Book of Mormon. He currently plays opposite Justin Bartha in the NBC sitcom The New Normal, the show from Glee creator Ryan Murphy which centers on a gay couple trying to start a family. He will play the recurring role of Elijah on Lena Dunham's dramedy Girls when it returns to HBO for a second season on Sunday

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In an interview with New York magazine's entertainment blog Vulture, Rannells said he was a “purebred” gay.

“I personally have never had sex with a woman,” the 34-year-old Rannells said. “I'm more of what you call a gold-star gay. I'm purebred. So I knew it wasn't my thing, so I was like, 'Why do that?' So I didn't”

“I feel like I'm in the minority for a lot of gay men. Most of my friends have tried [having sex with a woman] at some point,” he added.