Puerto Rican boxer Orlando Cruz has called the popularly held assumption that Puerto Rican culture is anti-gay a myth.

Last October, the 31-year-old Cruz became the first boxer to come out during his career, saying in a statement that he's “a proud gay man.”

In a cover interview with gay glossy The Advocate, Cruz said that he has been “overwhelmed by the support” he's received from such celebrities as Ricky Martin and Miguel Cotto. At his first bout after coming out held in Florida, a crowd of supporters waved Puerto Rican flags.

Cruz disputed the popularly held belief that Puerto Rican culture is anti-gay, saying it's a “myth.”

“I've had overwhelming support from the Puerto Rican people,” he said. “We're very proud people, and they have been so accepting of me.”

He added that attitudes are changing in Puerto Rico and that he hopes to be a catalyst for continuing change, including advocating for the legalization of gay marriage.

When asked about his love life, Cruz answered: “No comment.”