The Disney Channel is being criticized for featuring a teen with two moms in the network's Make Your Mark ad campaign.

The campaign, which aims to inspire kids to make a difference, is currently featuring 14-year-old Ben, an aspiring filmmaker with two moms. Ben created a film against teen bullying.

“I hope to remind kids who are bullied that they do have power,” Ben says in the 2-minute ad. “They need to show courage, and if they need help, they should tell an adult.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

In a post at the conservative site, which is part of Brent Bozell's Media Research Center (MRC), Tim Graham lamented the inclusion of a gay family in the campaign.

“The Disney Channel has disgusted gay activists for 'failing' to have 'out gay characters' on its programming for children,” Graham said, referring to an post on the campaign. “But right now, the gays are thrilled by the channel's ad campaign Make Your Mark for featuring a 14-year-old named Ben, an aspiring filmmaker who made a film against bullying and 'happens to have two moms.'”

In a post, Andrew Kirell busted back: “Christian conservatives have every right to lament what is portrayed in popular culture – consumer complaints and preferences are what drive the market for entertainment – but instead of perpetually being outraged by every single instance of homosexuality being 'glorified' (i.e., not treated like a defective product, as they see it), here's an easier solution for the anti-gay warriors: Turn off the channel, block your kids from watching Disney (it's called modern technology), and live your life the way you choose while letting others do the same. Easy as pie.”