Personal trainer Jillian Michaels returns to The Biggest Loser on Sunday as the reality series features its first openly gay contestant.

Michaels, 38, quietly came out gay earlier this year following the birth of her son Phoenix to her partner Heidi Rhoades and the adoption of 2-year-old Lukensia from Haiti.

The adoption process took years to complete but Lukensia came home in May, the same week Rhoades gave birth.

Remaining closeted “had to change” Michaels said during an appearance on Larry King Now.

“I made that a priority,” Michaels said. “And I feel very strongly about it. And I wish I could have maintained that, but having kids – first of all I don't know how I would have explained the materialization of a newborn boy. … And then with that said, I never want my kids to grow up and think that I'm ashamed of our family. So, I realized that I had no choice.”

The 14th season of the weight-loss competition will also include for the first time an openly gay contestant.

Jackson Carter, a 21-year-old student from Layton, Utah, told the Salt Lake Tribune that he came out at age 14 and has been overweight for most of his life.

On coming out, Carter, who was bullied for his sexuality and weight, said: “It can be scary and really hard to come out, but if you feel like you're ready, then it's a personal choice. If you're not comfortable to tell people, then you don't have to.”

“The sad truth is it's not always safe, so find some supporters that you can trust,” he added.