Darren Criss, who plays Blaine on Fox's Glee, says he's bummed over Blaine and Kurt (played by Chris Colfer) breaking up.

Referring to his own character on the show, Criss told UK's Gay Times: “Well, we don't know if he did actually cheat.”

“I have my own ideas about who Blaine is, and obviously the writers have a better idea, and so you find the middle ground and try to do your job to make it as truthful as possible. I think about three years ago, when we met Blaine, if you had told me he was going to cheat ,I would have been like, ‘What? No way, man!’ I thought that would never happen. But then again, people are layered, they have a lot of different things going on and maybe that’s who he was when he met Kurt because he was trying to give a good impression – well, I think he was being genuine – but people’s interests in other people get complicated. It’s not as black and white as him being this knight in shining armour. And also people grow apart and grow different, so it was my job to be like, ‘I guess if he does this, then I have to rationalise where and at what point Blaine would be at to do such a thing’, and I guess they try to justify that. I’m not going to say that it was justified, but he tries to rationalise it by the fact he’s been abandoned and it’s tough, and he couldn’t hold on anymore. But yeah, it’s a bummer, It’s always a bummer when you see nice couples going down the drain. Damn.”