The Uruguay Senate (Camara de Senadores) is expected to vote on a gay marriage bill on Wednesday.

The measure cleared the nation's lower house earlier this month.

According to the AFP, the Senate, which is currently in parliamentary recess, will convene a special meeting to discuss a dozen bills, including one which states that “marriage is the permanent union between two persons of the same or opposite sex.”

The measure is expected to clear the chamber, and President Jose Mujican has said he'll sign the bill into law.

The “Marriage Equality Law” seeks to modify some 20 articles of the Civil Code, including whose surname goes first when children are named.

“It's an issue that will generate confusion in a society that has forever taken the father's name,” Deputy Anibal Gloodtdofsky told the AP. “But these changes in society have to be accepted.”

Uruguay currently recognizes gay couples with civil unions. After a couple has lived in a “stable relationship” for 5 years, they may petition the government for the recognition.

If the marriage law is approved, Uruguay would become only the second South American country after Argentina to legalize marriage equality.

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