As lawmakers in Brazil continue to debate whether to legalize gay marriage, Sao Paulo state has effectively done it.

With a population of more than 41 million, Sao Paulo is Brazil's most populous state. Its capital, also named Sao Paulo, is the largest city in South American and ranks as the world's seventh largest city by population. The city of Sao Paulo also exerts strong regional and worldwide influence. It has been named an Alpha World City, a city important to the global economic system. Sao Paulo hosts what is considered the world's largest Gay Pride parade.

Brazil currently recognizes gay and lesbian couples with “stable unions,” a form of civil unions which offers couples a range of rights similar to marriage. In recent months, several couples have successfully petitioned the courts to convert their stable unions to full marriages.

According to Brazilian Law Blog, an update to the state's registration rules allow the automatic conversion of stable unions into marriages, without the need for a court order, effectively legalizing gay nuptials. The change, which takes effect in February, will also allow foreigners to easily acquire a marriage visa.