Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice-elect Roy Moore maintains President Barack Obama's endorsement of gay marriage will “destroy the very foundation” of America.

Appearing on City On A Hill Radio, Moore explained that the Founding Fathers “would be up in arms” over the president's nod.

“What we're doing in this country is … if Washington and Jefferson and Madison, name one, if they were alive today would be up in arms,” Moore said. “None of them, federalists or antifederalists, never believed that it would come to this. Those that were for big government like Hamilton, Washington, Adams would never have believed that our courts would be doing what they're doing today, that people would be trying to change the definition of marriage. We don't take a moment just to stop and clear our eyes and our ears and think: what is happening when a President of the United States can get up and say we need to redefine marriage? You know, when they do that they are attempting to destroy the very foundation on which this country was built.”

Moore, who was ousted from the bench in 2003 for refusing to remove from public property a monument of the Ten Commandments which he had commissioned, said during his campaign that legalizing marriage equality will destroy the United States.