Ian Hunter, a South Australian MP, has married his longtime partner in Spain, where Socialists legalized such unions in 2005.

Hunter, the state social inclusion minister, and artist Leith Semmens married on Wednesday.

Hunter said he was disappointed that his marriage would not be recognized at home but remained optimistic that someday it would.

“Without a doubt it's inevitable in Australia, but you're looking at six or seven years, and me and my partner weren't willing to wait that long,” Hunter is quoted as saying by the AP.

The couple's wedding was officiated by Jose Antonio Rodriguez, the mayor of the southern town of Jun. The men sealed their vows with the local tradition of a 17-second kiss.

The move comes just months after Australian lawmakers in the House of Representatives rejected legislation which would have legalized marriage equality in the island nation.

Hunter said he married for love not to make a political statement but acknowledged his union “will of course have some impact on a political level in Australia.”

Earlier this year, retiring Massachusetts Representative Barney Frank married his longtime partner.