Los Angeles-based clothier American Apparel will reportedly be giving away thousands of “Legalize Gay” t-shirts in France to support the government's plans to legalize gay marriage.

The retailer said in a press release that it would be giving away 10,000 t-shirts in its stores and on the streets of Paris.

“In America the foundation of our civil rights are written as life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – in France it is liberty, equality, fraternity,” said Dov Charney, founder and CEO of American Apparel. “Our company believes that those creeds by our founding fathers join us in an obligation to fight for freedom and fairness. Both the French and American people have a shared tradition of the pursuit of justice and we are proud to use our company's resources and give our support to this important fight.”

The company first introduced its popular “Legalize Gay” t-shirt in 2008 as a statement against Proposition 8, California's voter-approved gay marriage ban. American Apparel said it has given away more than 100,000 of the shirts over the past 4 years.

France's National Assembly is expected to start debating the issue in January, and a vote could come by mid-2013.