One-hundred-and-forty gay and lesbian couples will marry at Seattle's City Hall on Sunday morning.

This election year, three states legalized gay marriage at the ballot box: Washington, Maryland and Maine.

Washington's law, which was upheld on November 6 by voters, took effect on Thursday.

King County, which includes Seattle, opened its offices at midnight on Thursday to accommodate the crush of couples applying for marriage licenses. The first legal gay weddings begin Sunday after the expiry of a three-day waiting period the state requires of all marriages.

Seattle City Hall will open Sunday to begin marrying couples.

Slots filled up quickly, leading to a handful of King County judges volunteering to open their courtrooms to accommodate the overflow.

“Getting the right to marry feels like a natural extension of something that already existed,” Brendon Taga, a 33-year-old lawyer who is planning on Sunday to marry Jesse Page, 30, told Reuters.

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