Russian lawmakers are preparing to debate a bill which would forbid the spread of “homosexual propaganda” to minors.

Such bans already exist in 9 regions, including St. Petersburg, Russia's second city.

Now supporters are readying to take the prohibition nationwide.

The first parliamentary reading of the draft federal law is scheduled to take place Wednesday, December 19.

“We've agreed that it's wrong to hide behind the backs of regional lawmakers,” Yelena Mizulina, the head of the State Duma Committee for Family, Women and Children is quoted by RT as telling journalists on Thursday.

Mizulina, a member of the Fair Russia Party, said she was confident that “a certain control over homosexual behavior is necessary in a democratic society.” It is needed, she said, to prevent corruption of minors.

Children should mature “in a normal, adequate” environment and decide their sexual orientation for themselves as adults.

“There is no reason to vote against it,” she added.

Those found to be in violation of the law would face fines raging from $162 to $16,200.