Colombian Congressman Marco Fidel Suarez on Wednesday harshly criticized initial support for a gay marriage bill.

The bill cleared its first hurdle in the Senate on Tuesday.

With a 10-5 vote, the First Committee (Comision Primera) approved Senator Armando Benedetti's proposed measure. Benedetti's proposal originally sought to create civil unions for gay and lesbian couples. He has since altered the language to marriage. However, Benedetti's bill would not give married gay couples the right to adopt children.

Tuesday's vote was the first of four needed for the measure to become law.

Suarez, a member of the conservative Partido Conservador Colombiano party, told daily El Espectador that Congress had “disgraced” the nation.

“Marriage and family is a man and a woman,” he said. “As established in Article 42 of the constitution, the family is the nucleus of society, and that consists of a man and a woman.”

Congress was ordered last year by Colombia's Constitutional Court to recognize gay unions before July 20, 2013.

Suarez said the court was “composed of men who are obviously fallible and it's not the heavenly court.”