Former lesbian Debora Barr has described gay relationships as “just a distortion of love.”

Barr is the author of All Things New: A Former Lesbian's Lifelong Search For Love, in which she claims that her attractions to women diminished after joining a church.

Appearing on Steve Deace's radio program last week, Barr suggested that gay relationships are an attempt to repair broken parental relationships.

“It's no coincidence we have seen a huge surge in homosexual behavior at the same time we've seen a collapse of the family unit,” Deace said. “Because without those traditional roles of a mom and a dad represented in a home and that healthy balance that produces a healthy sexual identity in children, which is collapsing in our culture in the last thirty, forty years, that balance if that's not modeled and witnessed, it's going to create confusion in young people, particularly if you throw in anything like a betrayal or an abuse. Really, the surge in this lifestyle is not just about propaganda from popular culture but it really is about people that are literally trying to find meaning and purpose in their life when they come from an environment growing up that didn't offer them that.”

That is so, so true,” Barr responded “I believe that a child's upbringing is so important and when they don't get [what] they need – for me, my relationship with my mother got broken at a critical stage in my development. I needed that mother figure in my life and all of the sudden that relationship was broken. So what I was trying to get from other women was that thing that I needed, that piece of female – I don't even know how to describe it.”

“The problem with that is two hurting women can never get what they need from each other, the same as two hurting men can never get what they need from each other; it's just a distortion of love,” she added.