Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have reportedly struck a deal to fast-track a proposed gay marriage bill in Britain.

Cameron, the leader of the Conservative Party, and Clegg, the Liberal Democrat Leader since 2007, are preparing to bring the marriage reforms before Parliament in the New Year, the Daily Mail reported.

Previously, the government had said that the measure would be introduced before 2015.

Gay couples have had the right to enter a civil partnership since 2005. Heterosexual couples cannot enter a civil partnership, which has led to a separate institution for each group.

“The Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister have agreed to get on with it,” a senior source is quoted by the paper as saying. “It was in danger of slipping beyond the general election.”

“David Cameron's view of this is: 'get it done and get it done quickly.' If we are going to do this it's better to make it happen rather have it hanging. If people want to commit to each other, he believes that's a foundation of a stable society.”

While dozens of Conservative MP's oppose the reform, it remains on track for passage with the support of Labour and the Liberal Democrats.

France is also expected to debate the issue next year.