Meredith Vieira's husband Richard M. Cohen is okay with his wife's “lesbian behavior” with Joy Behar.

Vieira and Cohen appeared on cabler Current's Say Anything! to pitch his new book I Want To Kill The Dog.

After sharing with viewers a montage of passionate kisses between the two women, host Behar commented: “You know, over the years I've received thousands of letters telling me how much they love my kisses with Meredith. All of those letters were written by her husband Richard Cohen ...”

“Are you a little titillated by the kisses and the lesbian behavior between your wife and me over the years?” Behar asked Cohen.

“No. I think you guys deserve each other,” he joked. “I think two guys like you ought to really have fun.”

“You see one at a time, it's not so bad,” Vieira noted. “But when you see it as a montage … it's a little disturbing.” (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)