Linda Harvey has compared being gay to cannibalism.

Harvey, the founder of the Columbus, Ohio-based Mission America and a frequent contributor to the conservative website, over the weekend spoke with “ex-gay” therapist Floyd Godfrey.

Godfrey explained that he “healed” himself of his homosexuality by getting a job as a mechanic, lifting weights and befriending more men (heterosexual men, we assume).

Harvey and Godfrey compared gay people to cannibals who become so envious of their leaders that they devour them.

“What I've heard of is that part of that though is that you think that you could become what that person is by being close to them, which I don't think the male-female you never – is that accurate in any way? Almost like a cannibalism kind of a feeling,” Harvey asked.

“That's true,” Godfrey answered. “Dr. Elizabeth Moberly had talked about homosexuality like cannibalism because we're so hungry. And that is what it feels like to those who struggle with homosexual feelings, they're so hungry they just want to eat it up, they want to assimilate, they want to eat what they don't feel like they have. If you look at cannibals they would eat the leaders of the tribe, they would eat those that have the qualities they so admired. A young man with homosexual attractions is so envious, he's jealous of other boys, he puts them on a pedestal, he might idolize them, he's jealous of them, so he's trying to assimilate what he feels like he doesn't have. So that's where that metaphor comes from.”

(Listen to the exchange at Right Wing Watch.)