A Mitt Romney surrogate has expanded on her remarks that the Republican presidential candidate no longer supports a constitutional amendment which would exclude gay and lesbian couples from marriage.

Gay glossy The Advocate quoted Romney campaign senior adviser Bay Buchanan, sister of conservative Pat Buchanan, as saying that Romney “would not get in the way of what states decide to do on marriage and adoption” as it relates to gay couples.

Romney has previously stated his support for a constitutional amendment which would define marriage as a heterosexual union. Such an amendment would create a single nationwide ban that not even the Supreme Court could strike down, and would make void the marriages of gay couples.

“He very much supports traditional marriage, but he's also a very strong advocate for the Tenth Amendment,” she told the magazine's website. “It's a state issue.”

Buchanan backtracked two days later in a statement issued to BuzzFeed.

“Governor Romney supports a federal marriage amendment to the Constitution that defines marriage as an institution between a man and a woman,” she said. “Governor Romney also believes, consistent with the 10th Amendment, that it should be left to states to decide whether to grant same-sex couples certain benefits, such as hospital visitation rights and the ability to adopt children. I referred to the Tenth Amendment only when speaking about these kinds of benefits – not marriage.”

The Washington Post called it encouraging that Romney didn't address the comments personally.

“If Romney wanted greater attention for such a principled stand, you better believe he would have been out front,” the paper wrote.

The incident also caught the attention of AmericaBlog.com's John Aravosis, who had a different take.

“The man is pathetic,” Aravosis opined. “[B]ecause the religious right clearly yelled at him behind closed doors, Romney flip-flops again and supports the amendment all over again.”