Rosie O'Donnell says her wife Michelle Rounds' beauty shocks her.

O'Donnell made her comments on the red carpet at the annual Building Dreams for Kids Gala in New York City to benefit her charity Rosie's Theater Kids.

“Well here's the thing, upstairs I had flat boots on, and I felt like the lesbian Tom Cruise, because I was like down here, and this was like the tall, beautiful Nicole Kidman, and little men,” she said, referring to Rounds.

“She's quite beautiful, and it's quite shocking. And I always thought I'd get over it – it's been like over a year that we've been together – and I still am constantly stunned by her beauty,” O'Donnell told Entertainment Tonight.

The 50-year-old O'Donnell revealed in August that and she and Rounds, a New York City headhunter, married in a private ceremony in June before O'Donnell underwent surgery related to a heart attack she suffered.

She told Entertainment Tonight that the couple is planning a wedding ceremony for sometime next year.

(Source: Entertainment Tonight.)