The City of Bangor, Maine has approved a resolution in support of Question 1, the ballot question which seeks to legalize gay marriage in the state.

At its Wednesday meeting, the 12-member Bangor City Council unanimously approved the resolution introduced by councilor Joe Baldacci.

The resolution notes that the city has “consistently opposed discrimination and acknowledged the importance of the diversity of its citizens.”

“This included the City Council passage in 2001 of an ordinance prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and again in 2009 when a clear majority of Bangor residents voted in support of the marriage equality referendum question,” the resolution adds.

Marriage equality supporters are returning the issue to the ballot box after voters in 2009 narrowly repealed a marriage law approved by lawmakers with a “people's veto.” If approved on November 6, Maine would become the first state to legalize gay nuptials by referendum.

While surveys consistently show supporters leading – by as much as 22 points – pollsters caution that as a rule of thumb undecided voters generally wind up voting “no,” making the race a toss up.

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