Sam Champion, the Good Morning America weather anchor, has said he was inspired by Anderson Cooper's coming out gay.

The 51-year-old Champion recently announced he's engaged to photographer Rubem Robierb, marking the first time he has public addressed his sexual orientation.

Cooper came out gay in July after dodging for years rumors he's gay.

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“It's not easy,” Champion told The New York Daily News about coming out. “So whenever anyone does do it, it makes it easier for everybody, just a little bit.”

He also discussed his wedding plans.

“It's gonna be very small,” he said. “We're just kind of in the planning stages, but we're people who would just grab a bottle of Champagne, head to the beach and call it a day.”

He said the pair would marry in New York, followed by a New Year's Day reception in Miami, where Robierb has a photo studio.

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