Ousted Alabama Supreme Court Justice Roy Moore has said legalizing gay marriage will destroy the United States.

Moore made his comments during a DeKalb County Tea Party rally.

“We cannot continue to borrow the future of our children and our grandchildren or we will suffer the consequences. We can't keep going into debt. We can't keep disparaging our military and promoting things like same-sex marriage, L.G.B.T. To hear the President of the United States say that we are promoting L.G.B.T. Let's think about what that is: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights,” Moore said.

“Same-sex marriage will be the ultimate destruction of our country because it destroys the very foundation upon which this nation is based. Divisive, I've been accused of being divisive. I'll tell you what's divisive. It's the Democratic platform.”

Democrats meeting in Charleston, North Carolina last month for the first time approved a marriage equality plank in their platform.

Moore was removed from the bench in 2003 for refusing to remove from public property a monument of the Ten Commandments that he had commissioned. He is currently campaigning to regain the office of chief justice.