Support for Question 6, the Maryland referendum on upholding a gay marriage law approved by lawmakers, holds a 10-point lead, according to a survey released over the weekend.

The survey of 804 likely voters was conducted by the Baltimore Sun between September 25 and 27.

Forty-nine percent of respondents said they support legalizing gay nuptials, while 39 percent said they were opposed.

Support among African-Americans, a key voting demographic in the state, has surged in recent months.

In March, an OpinionWorks poll found greater opposition to marriage equality among blacks than support, with 43 percent opposed and 40 percent in favor.

The new poll finds support among blacks at record highs, above 50 percent, and opposition at record lows, less than a quarter.

President Barack Obama's May announcement in support of marriage equality – which led to the NAACP's endorsement – is believed to be behind the surge in support from the black community. Other high-profile African-American endorsements include the Rev. Al Sharpton and Baltimore Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo.

“They pay taxes like anybody else,” said Delores N. Jenkins, an 81-year-old Baltimore resident. “They should have the right to pick their own partners. No one should tell them who they should or shouldn't be with.”