Former gay porn star Kameron Scott, real name Ryan Dixon, has begun an online diary chronicling his HIV status.

In the diary hosted by gay website, Scott discusses his progress on an HIV regimen.

In 2009, following his performance in Titan's Playbook, Scott found out he had contracted the virus and he retired from the adult film business soon afterward.

“I found out December 15, 2008,” he said. “I had just signed a contract with a new studio. The first person I called was my agent, Baileey. He was really quiet when I told him; he's usually such a ham on the phone. That made me realize the severity of things.”

Scott first publicly disclosed his reasons behind his retirement in a 2010 interview with

In his latest diary entry, Scott announced that “after two weeks on medication, my viral load went from 4781 to nearly zero.”

“No I'm not cured, but from what the labs at Gilead said, it's hard to detect the virus in my blood. The virus is still there, but the HIV virus is a retro virus that needs a host to replicate. Since the medicine I'm on is stopping that replicating process, the copies of the virus has dropped drastically.”

Scott said that the results of his first month on HIV medication were the best news he's had in four years.

“I've gone from wondering what this virus is going to do to me, wondering if I had the strength to fight it on my own, to getting some of the best medical care in the world and having a breakthrough in my treatment for the first time [since] my diagnosis.”

“I'm a believer now,” he added. “You can't always do things by yourself.”