Maine gay marriage supporters on Monday released a new ad featuring four firefighters.

In the ad, three straight firefighters, Andrew Shea, Dave Lorandeau and Eric Humphrey, stand up for their gay co-worker, Ryan Michel, and his right to decide whom he comes home to after a long day's work at the firehouse.

“These guys are all straight,” Michel says. “So when I joined the department, I wondered how a brotherhood so tight like that would be accepting of someone who is gay.”

“The brotherhood that we have is not the straight firemen's brotherhood,” says Shea. “It's the firemen's brotherhood.”

“If a guy works hard and does his job, I'm not going to judge him and we're not going to judge him either,” Lorandeau says.

“When we clear a call, I get to go home to my wife,” Humphrey says. “The guys I work with should be able to marry the person they love.”

“We're voting 'yes' on 1,” he adds. (The video is embedded on this page. Visit our video library for more videos.)

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