Eric Stonestreet hopes America is becoming increasingly accepting of gay people.

Stonestreet on Sunday took home his second Emmy for playing gay dad Cameron Tucker on ABC's comedy hit Modern Family. Openly gay Jesse Tyler Ferguson plays his TV partner, Mitchell Pritchett.

Citing President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney as fans of the sitcom, Stonestreet said he believed his show is playing a part in Americas' changing attitudes towards gay rights.

“Our culture accepts it more? The gay life,” Larry King asked Stonestreet in an interview on Larry King Now.

“I hope so and I 100 percent think Mitch and Cam, and Jesse and I, and the creators of our show are having something to do with it, you know. That's one thing President Obama and Mitt Romney apparently agree on it's their favorite show is Modern Family. How funny is that?” Stonestreet said.

“Although Romney doesn't agree with the concept,” King pointed out and Stonestreet agreed. (Watch the entire episode at

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