Raymond Chan, Hong Kong's first openly gay lawmaker, says he will push for the legalization of gay marriage in the former British colony.

The 40-year-old Chan, known as “Slow Beat” from his days hosting a radio shown known as Fast Slow Beats, won a seat in Hong Kong's legislature last weekend.

A member of the pro-democracy People Power party, Chan came out gay after he captured his seat, declaring he would become a champion for LGBT rights.

“If I can't fight for my own rights, how can I help the oppressed and the underdogs?” he told the AFP. “As a lawmaker – whether I like a man or a woman – it doesn't affect my capability or my political ideologies.”

Despite Hong Kong's progressive image, homosexuality was only decriminalized in 1991 and anti-gay sentiment runs high.

“Hong Kong is definitely lagging behind,” Chan said. “There is no protection for gay couples. I hope we can enact laws to ban discrimination against one's sexual orientation as soon as possible and of course, the long-term goal is to amend the laws to allow same-sex marriage.”

Chan added that he has received overwhelming support for coming out.